Split Brain

I miss the constant reminder that I am connected to you. You may be thousands of miles away, but you’re atoms and molecules and I’m atoms and molecules, and the distance between us is really minute compare to our perception that we are so separate and we are so distant from one another.

I miss the constant visual reminder, because visually everything blended together.

What we see so clearly defines our perception of reality, and when you see boundaries and you look at edges, and everything is separate, then you see everything as separate. But when you don’t focus on the boundaries and everything blends together, then that elevates inside your perception of what is, and what is your relationship, to everything that is beyond you.

— Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, on Love and Radio episode Split Brain

We define and construct our reality. The distinction between one part of that reality and another is purely a function of our neurobiology; the way in which our brain works. To think things are exactly as we perceive them is to fall into the same trap Descartes so famously sought to separate us from.

Our world is in thrall to a tyranny of familiarity and contempt, bred from the desire to systematise and privelege a singular point of view.

I dunno. Fuck it. Let’s all just watch I ❤️ Huckabees again.